Jashamy Inc. is an importing furniture company established to supply independent retailers with good quality products that they can sell at a profit.    Importing a variety of products will save you the time of searching around for several importing companies; while selling you products at a wholesale rate for you to resell at a retail rate. .    Our products are imported from around the globe   . .   

In order to save you the maximum amount of money, your wholesale rates are based on our pre-order system.    You order the product in advance of the delivery from the manufacturer and get the best possible rate (wholesale rates).    When available, product will be sold from our warehouse.    

To determine your wholesale prices, please Register on line www.jashamy.com or you can call us to set up your Jashamy account.   The prices listed in the general web-site are MSRP" Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ".  

Jashamy Inc. can warehouse any products that you order and deliver them to you at a later date.    This system allows you to purchase your products in bulk without the hassle of storing the extra products. 

Jashamy Inc. can ship all products to your store or ship directly to your clients at a minimal extra charge.    Save time and money when you use our delivery services to send products directly from our warehouse to your client(s).